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Make Votes Matter

Britain is heading to the polls for the third time in four years. Millions will cast their votes, but not all votes are equal! Why votes don’t count for more than half of all electors? VIDEO SCRIPT: All voters are equal, but some are more equal than others! The politicians’ dirty little secret is –Continue reading “Make Votes Matter”

Sleep Paralysis

Imagine awakening to the sound of an intruder in your house. You try to jump out of bed, but your body is completely paralysed. You cannot move your hands, your legs, even your eyes. What do you do? VIDEO SCRIPT: Imagine being awoken by the sound of an intruder in your home. He enters yourContinue reading “Sleep Paralysis”

Taxes Made Simple

Albert Einstein complained taxes were more complicated than physics. Why do politicians make the tax system so complex? Isn’t it time to simplify the UK tax code? Video Script: Forget relativity, “the hardest thing in the world to understand is… tax”. So said Albert Einstein. So, isn’t it time to make them less complex? TaxesContinue reading “Taxes Made Simple”

Brexit: Endgame

Decision time for Brexit. Theresa May has negotiated the worst deal for Britain since Neville Chamberlain came back from Munich in 1938. It’s time for a change of Prime Minister and for MPs to deliver what the people voted for. VIDEO SCRIPT: Decision time for Britain’s future outside Europe. Do these scenes in Paris predictContinue reading “Brexit: Endgame”


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