PhD Experiment

This is a confidential work-in-progress page for persons involved in this PhD experiment.

The purpose of the experiment was to test how audiences responded to different visualisations of a news presenter, reading different types of news stories. The aim was to see whether any animated presentation of news would maintain trust, authority and engagement with different audience demographics. In the experiment, there were four different visualisations of a news anchor – (i) real human; (ii) simple 2D cartoon; (iii) complex 3D caricature; and (iv) a low quality CGI. Each participant in the experiment watched four videos – each featuring a different model reading a different story. I elicited feedback in two ways – (i) using biometric software to measure participants’ emotional responses to the videos via their facial micro-expressions; and (ii) using a regular qualitative survey questionnaire. The results will be published in 2023.