Should we make non-disclosure agreements illegal? NDAs are used by powerful corporations and people to buy off complaints and keep their dirty secrets. Isn’t this an abuse of power that’s contrary to the public interest? VIDEO SCRIPT: Non-disclosure agreements. Protecting your confidentiality? Or hush money to cover up dirty secrets? Hi, I’m Leon Hawthorne. WeContinue reading “Non-Disclosure”

Stephen Fry v God

Irish police investigate comedian Stephen Fry for blasphemy. Is atheism or Ireland in the dock? VIDEO SCRIPT: STEPHEN FRY: “What kind of God is he? It’s perfectly apparent that he’s monstrous, utterly monstrous and deserves no respect whatsoever.” Wanted for blasphemy? The Irish police investigate a comedian for crimes against God. Hi, I’m Leon Hawthorne.Continue reading “Stephen Fry v God”