As Britain moves closer to negotiations with the European Union, Leon predicts “no deal” is the likely outcome and looks at policies the British government should plan to avoid a cliff-edge exit. VIDEO SCRIPT: The Prime Minister says: no deal is better than a bad deal on Brexit. So, what are the chances EU leadersContinue reading “Brexit”


The abortion debate has got stuck in the 1960s with rival Pro-Choice and Pro-Life lobbies saying nothing new. Can the two sides agree on a different strategy to reduce the 200,000 abortions carried every year in Great Britain without changing the abortion laws? VIDEO SCRIPT: Abortion is an emotive subject and politically contentious in countriesContinue reading “Abortion”

Alternative Facts

When are facts alternative and when are they just lies? Is there anything new about the White House’s attitude to truth-telling? VIDEO SCRIPT: The Trump administration regards the mainstream media as the opposition party. Its answer to tricky questions is alternative facts. So, when are facts alternative and when are they just lies? Hi, I’mContinue reading “Alternative Facts”