Terror Attacks

As Britain recovers from yet another terrorist attack, why are politicians reluctant to admit the main cause of Islamist terror? VIDEO SCRIPT: Westminster, Manchester, London Bridge. Three terrorist attacks in three months. Saying: ‘enough is enough’ is not enough, Prime Minister. Hi. I’m Leon Hawthorne… as Britain recovers from another killing rampage, what is toContinue reading “Terror Attacks”

Stephen Fry v God

Irish police investigate comedian Stephen Fry for blasphemy. Is atheism or Ireland in the dock? VIDEO SCRIPT: STEPHEN FRY: “What kind of God is he? It’s perfectly apparent that he’s monstrous, utterly monstrous and deserves no respect whatsoever.” Wanted for blasphemy? The Irish police investigate a comedian for crimes against God. Hi, I’m Leon Hawthorne.Continue reading “Stephen Fry v God”