False Flags?

Are Russia and Syria really to blame for recent chemical and biological attacks, or could they be being framed? Senior figures from the military and intelligence community warn us to beware “false flags”. VIDEO SCRIPT: Justified military action or was there dirty tricks? Should we believe what they tell us? Or beware false flags? Hi,Continue reading “False Flags?”


Should we make non-disclosure agreements illegal? NDAs are used by powerful corporations and people to buy off complaints and keep their dirty secrets. Isn’t this an abuse of power that’s contrary to the public interest? VIDEO SCRIPT: Non-disclosure agreements. Protecting your confidentiality? Or hush money to cover up dirty secrets? Hi, I’m Leon Hawthorne. WeContinue reading “Non-Disclosure”

Plastic Waste

China’s New Year message to Britain: keep your rubbish! The Beijing government introduces a ban on importing foreign plastic waste for recycling, leaving local councils in the UK with a sticky problem. VIDEO SCRIPT: China’s New Year message to Britain… Stop dumping your plastic waste on us. Hi, I’m Leon Hawthorne. From today, the ChineseContinue reading “Plastic Waste”