Trump: Best and Worst

Sex scandals, political corruption and policy confusion – the hallmarks of the Trump White House. But the odds are even whether this presidency will bring about world peace, or end in impeachment.


The president and the porn star.
The dotard and Little Rocket Man.
Trump – at his best and worst.

Hi, I’m Leon Hawthorne. It’s never boring when there’s a boorish president in the White House.

The US Administration is in a constant state of chaos, as it has been, every day since Donald Trump came to office. He says he likes conflict in the work place… to put rivals in the same room, to fight it out, before deciding which side to favour.

But recent events show the president at his best and worst.

First, Stormy Daniels. A porn star is suing the President of the United States over a now public Non Disclosure Agreement, drawn up to prevent her talking about their adulterous sexual relationship.

Stormy’s lawyer, Michael Avenatti blitzed the airwaves, revealing the contents of the once-secret document.

It refers to “text messages… audio or image recordings” that Trump sent to Stormy; and significantly it seeks to buy her silence on “paternity information”. Does that imply the relationship might have led to a pregnancy?

The president’s spokeswoman stood at the podium of the White House and clumsily confirmed the president is the ‘David Dennison’, the fake name used in the contract.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders. White House Press Secretary
“I can share that arbitration was won in the president’s favour and I would refer you to the president’s outside counsel.”

Forget about the sexual titillation of this story and look at what it reveals.

Trump’s modus operandi is to deny, lie, get other people to lie, threaten, cover-up, payoff and lie some more. The $130,000 paid to the porn star is potentially classed as an undisclosed campaign contribution, which means either Trump or his lawyer may have committed a federal crime.

Next, Trump’s decision to attend a summit with the North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un. I happen to think this is a good decision. The US should talk to its enemies and rivals around the world… not just North Korea, but also Iran, Syria and others.

My problem is the way Trump makes decisions in this erratic, spur-of-the-moment manner. Agreeing with the last person he spoke with. And failing to inform his allies or anyone in the administration before blurting it out, often on Twitter.

It’s clear the Secretary of State and the Defense Secretary knew nothing of the summit with Kim until they heard it on TV.

Trump is like a senile old grandpa, who should be lying down, but instead he’s walking around the neighbourhood in his pyjamas.

At best, Trump is the outsider, cutting through the inertia of government bureaucracy and shooting from the hip. Because he’s seen as a madman on the loose, America’s enemies might just rush to make a deal for peace.

At worst, Trump’s character is sleazy, corrupt and amoral… and his past is the best predictor of his future behaviour.

Next week, this mercurial leader could bring world peace, world war or invite strippers to a Cabinet meeting.

I’m Leon Hawthorne. Thanks for watching.

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