Brexit: No Deal

The EU says there’s “no decisive progress” on Brexit negotiations. What they mean is: we haven’t caved in to all their demands. When will the British government realise no deal is possible? Time to plan a hard exit.


Britain’s exit from the European Union.
The government’s making us look weak and indecisive.
Time to get a grip and get the job done.

Hi. I’m Leon Hawthorne. The Conservative Party, that likes to wrap itself in the Union Flag, is making a pig’s ear out of Brexit.

The Brexit Secretary, David Davis, who no doubt plans on becoming the next Tory Leader, needs to take command of the talks in Brussels before Michel Barnier and his team of EU negotiators fall about the floor laughing.

Where did it all go wrong? There was a clear and simple result from the June 2016 referendum. All the Tories needed to do was what the country had instructed them to do.

Well, the problem started with David Cameron, who ordered his government and the Civil Service not to have any plans in place in the event of a ‘leave’ vote.

That was a staggering dereliction of duty, verging on treason.

Why Sir Jeremy Heywood, the Head of the Civil Service, thought it was acceptable to follow this instruction is baffling. He should have been sacked a year ago.

However, Theresa May became Prime Minister just three weeks after the Brexit vote. Her prevarication created a vacuum into which those who wanted to remain in the EU gathered momentum.

Eventually, her January 2017 Charterhouse Speech set out the government’s Brexit strategy.

“I want Britain to be what we have the potential, talent and ambition to be. A great global trading nation that is respected around the world and strong, confident and united at home.”

Why it took seven months to write that speech is beyond me. It could have been delivered within seven days of assuming office. Such is the weak and indecisive nature of our Prime Minister.

We are on the verge of our biggest economic and foreign policy adventure and she’s like Neville Chamberlain when the nation needs someone of Churchillian stature.

So, where are we now? We have an army of bureaucrats, business leaders and lawyers telling us there isn’t enough time. It’s too complicated. Let’s just forget about Brexit and stay where we are.

Well, as another former Prime Minister put it:

“No, no, no.”

It really is quite simple. I don’t believe it’s possible for us to reach any agreement with the EU in any time frame. They want Brexit to hurt us… even if it also hurts their economies. Because the most important thing to them is they maintain a European superstate.

We are simply wasting our time in Brussels.

We need to have a strategy in place for “no deal”. Namely, declare Britain a free trade zone and make our own unilateral arrangements for immigration, work permits and everything else. Just like the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia and every other independent nation states in the world.

Technically, we have no legal financial obligations after we leave, so if they want any money from us – for our share of current EU liabilities – they had better come up with some clear cut sweeteners.

We should not be the ones desperately begging for a deal. We should plan to walk away with no agreement and let them come running to us for a compromise.

All this talk of an interim or transitional phase is merely a sly attempt to keep us in the EU until a future election or referendum can reverse the ‘leave’ vote.

Let me tell you: a so called ‘soft Brexit’ where we stay in the Single Market and the Customs Union is a worse outcome than staying in the EU, altogether.

That’s the Norway scenario, where we would pay billions of pounds a year, follow all their rules, but have no say in anything.

‘Soft Brexit’ is not Brexit.

If the Conservatives and Labour fail to deliver Brexit proper, the outcome will a deepening of the estrangement between the people and the political class.

I predict nothing short of riots in the streets and a seismic nationalist backlash across Britain and Europe, unless we get the Brexit we voted for.

I’m Leon Hawthorne. Thanks for watching.

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