Why is there a rise in racism and anti-Semitism between different ethnic minorities and immigrants?

Racism. Anti Semitism. Islamophobia. In the words of Rodney King…
“Can we all just get along?”

Hi. I’m Leon Hawthorne. It’s a sad truth about many ethnic minority communities in Britain… that they’re racist against each other.

It used to be the case that Far Right white supremacists were the biggest threat to Jews. But now, much of the increase in anti Semitic attacks is perpetrated by British Muslims.

Many Eastern European migrants are overtly racist against blacks, partly because they come from closed societies and have never seen anyone before.

Many Muslims, especially Arabs, see blacks as only slightly better than animals. Even though there are many African Muslims, they are treated as second class citizens in other Muslim countries.

People from Jamaica think they’re better than those from the small Caribbean islands.

Many West Indians denigrate Africans.

And how many Jews do you know with any black friends?

It’s undoubtedly true the battles against racism and anti Semitism that were won in the 1970s have been re-opened as a consequence of the new immigration that began when Tony Blair became Prime Minister.

Last week, this show examined the reasons for Islamist terrorism. Almost immediately, my Facebook page was hit by a wave of racist abuse coming from people, exclusively Muslim.

Hassann Abubaker from London wrote: “I think your go back Africa is better”.

Tariq Chaudhrey also gave me the same travel advice: “Go back to Africa”.

Hassan Abdillahi wrote: “You are a uncle tom.”

Ako Akoye from Acton wrote: “He’s a black hahahah ahah, you should go back where you fucking coming from”.

I think I upset them by saying:
(1) there are verses in the Koran that can be used to justify violence. And…
(2) Muslims need to be better integrated into British society instead of living separately from it.

Look. I understand. Many Muslims feel themselves under attack. There has been a rise in Islamophobia.

Every time, there’s a terrorist attack, some Muslim woman wearing a head scarf gets beaten up on a bus. I get it.

But they should not turn this defensiveness into a culture of victimhood, especially when that culture leads to increasing racism and isolation from the rest of British society.

My view about integration is simple. When anyone immigrates to Britain and chooses to become a citizen, they sign a contract. They get all the political liberties and economic benefits; and in exchange they agree to fit into the host society.

They do not abandon their culture, but they must adjust to the host environment, or else why bother coming?

Now, there is a view of multi culturalism which says it’s OK to set up a Little Pakistan, Little Nigeria or a Little Poland in the centre of our cities. Never speak English. Just live a separate isolated existence with your own shops, restaurants, mosques and churches.

No. That is not a melting pot. That’s one of those pans with separate compartments. We must integrate or else there is no cohesion in society.

It’s especially true if your British born children are going to stand a chance. Otherwise, they will be conflicted, leading to extreme cases, like those British born terrorists who feel Britain is their enemy.

That’s why schools are so important, teaching kids to live together and respect people of different races and religions.

I say we should shut down all Muslim schools, because they foster racial and cultural apartheid.

I would ban all religious schools, Church of EngLand, Catholic, Jewish… because children do not inherit a religion which must be reinforced using taxpayers’ money. All state schools should be secular; and those who want to worship should do so outside school hours, at their own expense.

I don’t care about political correctness. This is reasonable common sense if we are to build a more harmonious society. No amount of abuse from racist idiots will silence me.

Thanks for watching.

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