Guess Who’s Back?

Un-gagged and back on Facebook after a five day ban, but no explanation, no apology and no compensation from the social media giant.


In the words of Slim Shady…

“Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back? Guess who’s back? …”

Facebook banned me, but now… Yes, I’m back. They shut me down and deleted my channel. But after a little press attention, the social media giant backed down.

My favourite rapper had his problems with censorship. This song and video ‘Without Me’ tells the story of Eminem’s battle with people who wanted to get him banned from our screens. I guess Mark Zuckerberg listened to the words of Marshall Mathers and thought… it feels so empty without me.

Of course, no explanation, no apology, certainly no compensation. But hey, it’s good to be back. I’ve just one thing to say to Facebook…

“nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah”

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